Ms Albert is the Regional Minister of Economy, Finance and Employment in Community of Madrid. She has been Deputy Minister of Education Policy in Community of Madrid, she has been Deputy Minister of Economy and Innovation and she has occupied different positions at the public administration of the Community of Madrid such as General Director of Universities and Research of the Community of Madrid and General Director of Teaching Quality Improvement among others. She has also been General Secretary of the Economic and Social Council and Chief of the Cabinet in Madrid Regional Minister of Economy. She is a professor of Economics at Complutense University of Madrid and co-director of the official Master in Law and Economics and Public Policy at EAE Business School. Rocío is the coordinator of the Course of Law and Economics in Harvard Law School sponsored by Foundation Rafael del Pino and she has been a weekly columnist for an economic newspaper and a business magazine for a long time. She has a PhD from the Department of Applied Economics by Complutense University of Madrid, European Master in Law and Economics of Hamburg University and she has an advanced program in Public Administration by ESADE. She has written numerous academic papers in Economics, Law and Public Policy. Her last book is “The regulation of collaborative transport” (Aranzadi, 2018) with other authors and her last academic paper with Francisco Cabrillo is “New rules to secure fiscal sustainability in the European monetary Union (Future Europe Journal, Nº 2, 2022). She is trustee of the “Foundation for Analysis and Social Studies” a Spanish think tank and non-profit liberal organisation.

Programas y seminarios destacados

  • Campus de Alta Capacidad

    Fecha de inicio: 07/07/2024

    Una iniciativa que tiene como objetivo principal desarrollar al máximo el potencial de jóvenes de edades comprendidas entre los 10 y los 18 años acreditados como «de alta capacidad».

  • Workshop From Science to Society

    Fecha de inicio: 22/09/2024

    La Fundación Rafael del Pino junto con al Club de Científicos (Becarios de Excelencia Rafael del Pino) organizan el FS2S: Translating today’s research into tomorrow’s solutions

  • Frontiers of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    Fecha de inicio: 10/06/2024

    El objetivo de este programa es analizar los últimos avances en el campo de la innovación y el emprendimiento desde una perspectiva multisectorial. Dirigido por profesores del MIT.

  • Workshop in International Economics

    Fecha de inicio: 10/06/2024

    Programa dirigido a Técnicos Comerciales y Economistas del Estado, profesores universitarios e investigadores españoles para compartir conocimientos en economía internacional