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    Online course Competition in markets

    Introduction to the essential elements shaping competition policy and discussion of the principles and instruments of competition policy.

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Harvard Course in Law and Economics
The aim of this programme is to provide an up-to-date overview of some of the relevant issues in the field of economic analysis of law.
Transformational leadership for managers. Mario Alonso Puig
This programme is designed to encourage participants to experience metanoia, a change in perception that allows them to see what was previously hidden.
Workshop From Science to Society
The Rafael del Pino Foundation together with the Club de Científicos (Rafael del Pino Excellence Fellows) organise the FS2S: Translating today's research into tomorrow's solutions.

  • Online course Competition in markets
  • Macroeconomics and Finance for Managers. Daniel Lacalle
  • Workshop on Journalism and Communication in the Digital Age
  • Ethics of Artificial Intelligence. Carissa Veliz
  • Online course Liberalism, a philosophy in danger
  • Defence Leadership Programme
  • Harvard Course in Law and Economics
  • Transformational leadership for managers. Mario Alonso Puig
  • Workshop From Science to Society
  • Workshop on the Future of Government
  • Frontiers of Innovation and Entrepeneurship
  • Online course: Company Internationalisation Strategy. Mauro Guillén
  • Evoluciona. Online teacher leadership programme
  • Celera. Programme for talented young people
  • Systemic Leadership Programme
  • Online course The company in the global digital economy. Mauro Guillén
  • Online course Cases of business transformation in the New Economy. Mauro Guillén
  • Programme Innovating: A Doer's Manifesto. Luis Pérez-Breva
  • Workshop in Global Leadership
  • Global Civil Society Seminar
  • Workshop in International Economics
  • Leadership and Security Programme
  • Leading the Military programme
  • Specialisation Programme in Foundation Management
  • Evoluciona. Classroom-based teacher leadership programme
  • International leadership in engineering and architecture
  • eSemp School of Entrepreneurship
  • Escala Programme
  • Online course Activate women's leadership
  • Create your own company online course
  • Online course How to manage the growth of your company
  • Online course Corporate entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Online course Business sustainability and SDGs

Supporting current and future leaders

Training and networking of leaders in the Rafael del Pino Foundation.

Leadership programmes and seminars focus on developing the intrapersonal, interpersonal and systemic capabilities of current and future leaders, offering content and life experiences of recognised leaders.

The programmes and seminars of Empresa analyse the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and other relevant topics, such as competition, internationalisation or business sustainability.

The Innovation programmes and seminars analyse the keys to innovation, both inside and outside the corporate environment, delving into the culture of innovation and intrapreneurship.

Over the past four years, around 19,000 students have participated in some 40 programmes and seminars run by more than 90 specialists.

Our partners

The Foundation's programmes and seminars are led by teachers and experts from centres of the highest prestige, both in Spain and internationally. Among the latter, the Foundation's collaborations with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) or the Universities of Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford or Princeton, as well as institutions such as the UN Global Compact, among others, stand out.

To guarantee the excellence of our programmes and seminars, we count on the collaboration of numerous personalities of the highest relevance in the social, economic and political spheres, who support us as academic or teaching directors. Among them are Juliette Kayyem (Harvard Kennedy School), Emilio Castilla (MIT Sloan), Jeremy Adelman (Princeton University), Luis Perez-Breva (MIT), Carissa Véliz (Oxford University), Mauro Guillen (Cambridge University and Wharton School), Sebastian Royo (Clark University), Mercedes Delgado (Copenhagen Business School and MIT Sloan) or Diego Comín (Dartmouth College), who lead our programmes abroad or personalities such as Mario Alonso Puig, Daniel Lacalle, Patricia Gabaldón or Leandro Prados de la Escosura, among a large group of experts.

Specialists who collaborate in our programmes and seminars

  • Rocio Albert

  • Marisa Tierno Centella

  • Francisco Cabrillo

  • Manuel Contreras

  • Fernando Gomez

  • Louis Klapow

  • Mark J. Roe

  • Steven Shavell

  • Roberto Tallarita

  • Crystal S. Yang

  • Aline Oliveira (Traive)

  • Alfredo Bullard González

  • Sridhar Iyengar (Elemental Machines)

  • Tim Miano (MIT Innovation Headquarters)

  • Ashley Ferguson (Merlin)

  • Michael Kearney

  • Pablo Rodríguez-Fernández

  • Vladimir Bulovic

  • Neil Thompson

  • Erin L. Scott

  • Mercedes Delgado

  • Michael Cusumano

  • Emilio Castilla

  • Jeremy Adelman

  • Juliette Kayyem

  • Javier Cubas

  • Enrique Gutiérrez

  • Daniel Lacalle

  • Vanessa Facuse

  • Carissa Véliz

  • Jesús Fernández-Villaverde

  • Bernardo Navazo López

  • Luis Perez-Breva

  • Paula Martín González

  • Marina Martínez Hernández

  • Alfredo Rey

  • Fernando Notaro

  • Paco León

  • Mara Zamora

  • Mateo Silos

  • Javier Remón

  • María Pablos

  • José Luis Orts

  • Diego Miranda

  • Maribel Martínez de Murguía

  • Dánae Cortés

  • Antonio Guerra Fernández

  • Manuel Muñiz

  • Kingsmill Bond

  • Lucas Kello

  • Sadie Creese

  • Nicolas Miailhe

  • Stephen Minger

  • Joaquín Artés

  • Michael Sanders

  • Daniel Susskind

  • Rafael Domenech

  • Ngaire Woods

  • James Ball

  • Jeremy Cliffe

  • Lyse Marie Doucet

  • Carolyn McCall

  • Sean Evins

  • Jonathan Stein

  • Maria Sobrino

  • Maria Rosario Taddeo

  • Jim Waterson

  • Sebastián Royo

  • Marta Rey-García

  • Robert Livingston

  • Marianela López-Galdós

  • Tawakkol Karman

  • Ricardo Hausmann

  • Peter A. Hall

  • Alnoor Ebrahim

  • Martha Chen

  • Jim Bildner

  • Julie Battilana

  • Fabrizio Zilibotti

  • David N. Weil

  • Andrei Shleifer

  • Alejandro Falla Jara

  • Dani Rodrik

  • Roberto Rigobon

  • David Laibson

  • Gerard Padró-i-Miquel

  • Esther Duflo

  • Diego Comin

  • Susanto Basu

  • Álvaro Renedo

  • Fernando Monge

  • Erika Manouselis

  • Latanya Sweeney

  • Lawrence H. Summers

  • James K. ("Jim") Sebenius

  • Anthony Saich

  • Vicente Bagnoli

  • Joseph S. Nye Jr.

  • Karl Kaiser

  • Nicholas Burns

  • Eduardo Abril

  • Sheila Jasanoff

  • Cory Siskind

  • Ramon Gras

  • Umberto Fugiglando

  • Ezra Zuckerman Sivan

  • Scott Stern

  • Juan Delgado

  • Andrés Betancor Rodríguez

  • Fiona Murray

  • Steven D. Eppinger

  • Pierre Azoulay

  • Carlos Pascual Pons

  • Julia Suderow

  • Bill Aulet

  • María Millán

  • María Pilar Canedo

  • Gabriel Domenech Pascual

  • Marcos Urarte

  • Rafael Marcos

  • Juan Luis Jiménez

  • Paul Lambert de Diesbach

  • Susana Grau

  • Javier Canal

  • Raúl Calvo

  • François Perez

  • Pilar Pardo

  • Ramón Martínez

  • Luis Dorrego

  • Francisco Marcos

  • Lili Almagro