Professor of Private International Law at the Public University of Navarra. PhD in Law from the Public University of Navarra. Degree in Law from the University of Navarra.

Assistant Professor of Private International Law, University of Navarra (1991-1996), Professor of Private International Law, Competition and Industrial Property Law and International Trade Law (1996-2011).

Coordinator of International Relations for the Law Degree (2001-2009), Member of the Technical Quality Unit of the UPNA (2005-2008), Deputy Director of the Department of Private Law (2002-2008), Vice-Dean and Secretary of the Faculty of Legal Sciences (2010-2012 and 2017-present).

He has served as a member of the Board of the Basque Competition Authority (2012-2017) and as chairman of the Consumer Arbitration Tribunals since 2007.

She specialises in European competition law and international trade law, in which she has published two monographs and several doctrinal articles and book chapters. She has taught postgraduate classes at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Universidad de Salamanca.

Reviewer of articles in various legal journals and member of the editorial board of the journal "Estudios de Deusto".

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    Introduction to the essential elements shaping competition policy and discussion of the principles and instruments of competition policy.

  • Online course Liberalism, a philosophy in danger

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    Why are so many obstacles confronting liberalism, so implacable the enemies it has to contend with, and so soft the allies it can hardly count on?

  • Ethics of Artificial Intelligence. Carissa Veliz

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