PhD in Competition Law from the University of Deusto. Master's Degree in Cooperative Law (University of Deusto). Master's Degree in Legal Practice (University of Deusto) Degree in Law with a specialisation in Economics. University of Deusto.

Jean Monnet Chair on Transnational Trade Law at the University of Deusto. Professor of Private International Law at the University of Deusto.

Director of the National Markets and Competition Commission since July 2017, President of the Basque Competition Authority from 2012 to 2017. Member of the Basque Competition Tribunal from 2010 to 2012.

At the University of Deusto she has been Director of the PhD in Transnational Law (2009-2014); Director of the Erasmus Mundus European Master on Transnational Trade Law and Finance (Universities of Deusto, Strasbourg, Tilburg and Frankfurt) (2007-2012); Vice-Dean of International Relations of the Faculty of Law (2006-2010); Vice-Dean of Academic Organisation of the Faculty of Law (2003-2009); Secretary of the Faculty of Law (1999-2009).

She has been a visiting professor at several universities around the world and has published extensively in the field of competition law.

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