Bernardo Navazo is a Defence and Political Risk Analyst focusing on international relations and the impact of technology in great power competition. He holds a B.Sc. & M.Sc. degree in Aeronautical Engineering (UPM - Polytech University of Madrid), a BA & MA in Political Science (UCM - Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and a Master's degree in International Affairs (Columbia University), where he wrote his master's thesis on neorealism and bipolarity under the aegis of Dr. Kenneth N. Waltz. Right after his studies, Navazo worked for two years for several candidates and public officials in New York City and Washington DC. As a political risk analyst, Navazo has done freelance work for top-notch political risk consultancy firms and institutions such as Eurasia Group, Teneo, and the Spanish Ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs, among others. In 2018-2020 Navazo worked for the Presidency of the Government of Spain at the Department of National Affairs as a Senior Policy Analyst. In that capacity, he was involved in several intra-government consultations on a broad variety of topics, many of them related to technology policies and the Spanish and the EU role amidst the growing US-China rivalry.

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