Antonio Guerra is a partner in the Competition Law Department of Uría Menéndez in the Madrid office. Prior to joining Uría Menéndez, he was Director of the Office of the Tribunal de Defensa de la Competencia for seven years, as well as the Tribunal's interlocutor before the ECN (European Competition Network), a member of the ICN (International Competition Network) and the Secretary General of the Ibero-American Competition Forum.

His professional practice focuses on EU and competition law. He has participated in merger control and sanctioning proceedings before the National Competition Commission and the European Commission, in sectors such as banking, insurance, telecommunications, media, environment, energy, food, steel industry, commercial distribution and transport.

He is also an expert in competition proceedings in Spain, given his involvement during the period of creation and development of the new Competition Law.

Antonio Guerra holds a Law Degree from the Universidad Automa de Madrid (1994), PhD in International Economics: Speciality Latin America, Universidad Complutense (1996), Graduate in EC Competition and Commerce Law, University of Cambridge - Downing College (2000) and Master in Business Law from Southwestern Oregon Community College, Oregon (1992).

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