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Ethics of Artificial Intelligence. Carissa Veliz
This course will help us understand the "digital reality" we live in. A practical and constructive approach, offering possible solutions to the ethical challenges generated by AI.
Workshop on Journalism and Communication in the Digital Age
The aim of this programme is to offer an updated vision of the new technological and socio-economic trends for the present and future of journalism and communication.
Workshop on the Future of Government
The aim of this programme is to provide an up-to-date overview of the new technological and social trends that will affect the future of politics and governance.
Frontiers of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
The aim of this programme is to analyse the latest developments in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship from a multi-sectoral perspective.
Workshop in International Economics
Programme aimed at Commercial Technicians and State Economists, university professors and Spanish researchers to share knowledge in international economics.
Macroeconomics and Finance for Managers. Daniel Lacalle
In this programme for managers, Daniel Lacalle delves into the main variables that dictate world economic growth, the origins and consequences of financial crises.
Online course Competition in markets
Introduction to the essential elements shaping competition policy and discussion of the principles and instruments of competition policy.
High Capacity Campus
The main objective of this initiative is to develop the potential of young people between the ages of 10 and 18 who have been accredited as "high ability".
Online course Liberalism, a philosophy in danger
Why are so many obstacles confronting liberalism, so implacable the enemies it has to contend with, and so soft the allies it can hardly count on?
Celera. Programme for talented young people
Celera is a programme that identifies exceptionally talented young people in Spain in order to provide them with the necessary tools to develop all their personal and professional skills.
History Dialogues course. Jeremy Adelman
This course, aimed at young people between 17 and 25 years of age, provides participants with knowledge of storytelling and oral expression techniques, as well as project design and development.
Defence Leadership Programme
The aim of this programme is to provide Spanish Army officers with the tools to become agents of change and to lead their organisations.
MIT Global Teaching Labs Spain
The Rafael del Pino Foundation organises the Global Teaching Labs with MIT in order to bring 10 young university students to learn about the Spanish social reality.
Transformational leadership for managers. Mario Alonso Puig
This programme is designed to encourage participants to experience metanoia, a change in perception that allows them to see what was previously hidden.
Course A History of the World. Jeremy Adelman
This course, aimed at young people aged 17-25, invites them to study world history in order to understand how we are connected in the globalised world in which we live.
Workshop From Science to Society
The Rafael del Pino Foundation together with the Club de Científicos (Rafael del Pino Excellence Fellows) organise the FS2S: Translating today's research into tomorrow's solutions.
Online course: Company Internationalisation Strategy. Mauro Guillén
Learn about how to successfully undertake the process of business internationalisation, learning about the success stories of Spanish companies and the challenges posed by global markets.
Evoluciona. Online teacher leadership programme
Online leadership specialisation programme for the teaching staff of the Community of Madrid, organised by the Rafael del Pino Foundation and the Community of Madrid.
Harvard Course in Law and Economics
The aim of this programme is to provide an up-to-date overview of some of the relevant issues in the field of economic analysis of law.
Systemic Leadership Programme
Systemic Leadership is where the leader is able to sense and understand that we are all part of a system, and that the actions of each element affect everything and everyone.
Online course The company in the global digital economy. Mauro Guillén
Learn about how to successfully undertake the process of digitalisation of the company, learning about the success stories of international companies and the challenges posed by the digital revolution.
Online course Cases of business transformation in the New Economy. Mauro Guillén
Learn about the analysis of case studies of companies from different sectors to determine the best strategies for adapting to the new digital environment.
Programme Innovating: A Doer's Manifesto. Luis Pérez-Breva
Luis Perez-Breva, author of the book "Innovate. An action manifesto", innovator and Director of MIT Innovation Teams, will show you how to acquire the skills and practices of an innovator.
Workshop in Global Leadership
The aim of this programme is to examine in depth the most relevant issues in the field of international leadership on the global stage.
Global Civil Society Seminar
The aim of this programme is to analyse the main issues affecting an increasingly interdependent civil society from a global perspective.
Leadership and Security Programme
Programme aimed at commanders of the National Police Corps, the Civil Guard, the Armed Forces and other professionals linked to State security.
Leading the Military programme
Specific programme designed for Air Force leaders with the aim of reinforcing the leadership model in the Spanish Armed Forces.
Specialisation Programme in Foundation Management
Programme aimed at professionals and foundation managers who require specific training in the comprehensive management of foundations.
Evoluciona. Classroom-based teacher leadership programme
Programme to provide tools for self-awareness and self-management to improve the impact they have on their students, classroom, parents and other teachers.
Inicia Programme. Values of the entrepreneur and the company
It starts with the aim of bringing the reality of entrepreneurship and business closer to young people who are studying ESO, basic vocational training, training cycles and Baccalaureate.
International leadership in engineering and architecture
A programme aimed at engineering and architecture graduates that helps students to manage their leadership and to know when to make way for each other's leadership.
eSemp School of Entrepreneurship
The objective of the School is to contribute to the training of entrepreneurs who wish to broaden their knowledge in key aspects of their business project.
Escala Programme
Programme aimed at people who wish to strengthen their entrepreneurial skills and personal competences in the fields of leadership and innovation.
Online course Activate women's leadership
Learn the analytical framework for understanding the barriers women face on their path to business leadership and the tools to overcome these barriers.
ELI Programme. Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Innovation
The ELI Programme is aimed at high school students in the Community of Madrid, in order to bring them closer to the reality of leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation environments.
ELI Tech Programme
The ELI Tech Programme is aimed at students who are studying for the Baccalaureate in the Community of Madrid and in its different modalities, with the aim of bringing the scientific and technological reality closer to them.
Call4talent Programme
The Rafael del Pino Foundation and the Rafael del Pino Association of Excellence Scholarship Holders are organising the Call4talent programme. The programme includes immersion sessions held at the...
Partners for a day programme
The educational programme "JA Partners for a day" offers young people the opportunity to have a real work experience, allowing students to get to know the day-to-day life of a company.
Create your own company online course
Discover the basic steps for the creation of your own company: from the development of the idea and the value proposition, to the definition of a business plan and its implementation.
Online course How to manage the growth of your company
Learn the keys to successfully grow your business, starting with identifying the variables to decide the best time to expand and the best way to do it.
Online course Corporate entrepreneurship and innovation
This course is aimed at decision-makers in a company who want to know the keys to intrapreneurship and its influence on the competitiveness of their organisations.
Online course Business sustainability and SDGs
This course will enable you to identify the keys to business sustainability and learn first-hand about the business opportunities behind the UN SDGs.