Specialisation programme in leadership for teachers in the Community of Madrid, organised by the Rafael del Pino Foundation and the Community of Madrid. This online programme is complementary (not exclusive) to the Evoluciona - Teacher Leadership Programme.

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  • Start of the programme - 06/11/2023

  • Duration - 8 months

  • Language - Spanish

  • Price - Free

  • Credits Consult the programme website

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Programme description

To lead is to influence, to lead is to inspire. The educator is, therefore, a leader: his or her role goes far beyond the teaching-learning process, as he or she is continuously modelling behaviours and attitudes in the classroom and outside it, influencing the creation of a culture, a way of acting and being.

This is especially valid and essential in a 21st century that has reshaped this responsibility, given the multiple and growing sources of reference, influence and possibilities.

If it makes more and more sense to talk about leadership in the organisational world, it makes even more sense in the educational world. The current VUCA context (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) is present in the classroom and requires teacher-leaders who lead themselves, who know how to effectively manage relationships and communication with all the actors in the educational context and who have a strategic and systemic vision that allows them to better understand and manage this context.

The main objective of the Evoluciona programme is to strengthen and develop the educator's leadership skills, to walk a path from the inside out, from self-knowledge and self-management to the most important competencies for effective leadership - inside and outside the classroom. All of this taking into account at all times its impact on the different agents and actors present in the educational task: students, parents, teachers and institutions.

Programme structure

The aim of this block is to help you to achieve the main challenge that every person has throughout their lives: to discover themselves and be leaders of their own person, from clarifying their goals and objectives, to developing the emotional capacities necessary to do so.

The aim of this block is to help you develop your interpersonal leadership, focusing on the skills that a leader requires to lead others, within your educational environment and in society itself.

The objective of this block is to work on and develop the elements and capacities necessary to co-lead with a systemic vision, to understand group dynamics and to effectively influence the collective consciousness in order to strengthen the 'Systemic Altitude' of the Teacher as a Leader.

This block consists of a single project, based on the contents of one of the first three blocks of the programme (to be chosen by the teacher). The exercise will be reviewed by the students themselves by means of a peer assessment system assigned anonymously and randomly among fellow students in the programme. For this peer review, the following factors will be taken into account:

  • The promotion of spaces and processes of transformation and development of learners.
  • The definition of the strategy, the methodology and the means or tools through which the various exercises and activities will be implemented.
  • The expected end result of the project, in terms of lessons learned, main reflections and messages, impact on learners.
  • The correlation and coherence of the activities with the theme to be worked on.
  • The feasibility and ease of carrying out the project.

This block has three main objectives:

  • To provide participants with a space to understand the impact that they as leaders have on new ways of learning and the teacher-student relationship in order to stimulate and encourage the development of critical thinking, creativity and curiosity.
  • Working on personal leadership based on self-knowledge. One of the main challenges for all people is to walk the path of self-discovery, so that they can make decisions aligned with their values, beliefs and personal objectives.
  • Enhance the impact of each teacher's leadership in the classroom, taking into account their individual profile, and making use of their personal brand.

Academic Coordination of the Programme

Almudena Díez

Director of Training Programmes at the Rafael del Pino Foundation.

Teaching Team

Content Creator and Teacher (Blocks I, II, III and IV)

  • Fernando Notaro

    Professional coach with extensive experience, specialising in the Executive, Organisational and Team areas. Trained in the USA at the Coaches Training Institute and the Center for Right Relationship, he holds a postgraduate master's degree in Strategic Management and Innovation Management from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, a degree in Economics from the Universidad de la República (Uruguay) and teaches at the Instituto de Desarrollo Directivo Integral at the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria in Madrid.

Content Creators and Teaching Team (Block V)

  • Paco León

    He has more than 12 years of experience in leading companies in the telecommunications and information technology sector such as Jazztel, Telefónica and Tecnocom, among others. His experience has been developed mainly in corporate markets and occupying positions of responsibility in technical, marketing and business development areas. He is a specialist in innovation, strategic marketing, project implementation and B2B sales. He is a PCC certified coach by ICF, facilitator and coach at the Lider-haz-GO! Coaching School, professor at the Master in Leadership, Management and Business Transformation of the Sales Innovation School, facilitator of the Master in International Leadership for Engineers and Architects of the FRP-UPM. He is certified as an analyst by PDA International, facilitator by Team Coaching International and trainer in Strategic and Conceptual Selling by Miller Heiman Group. He has a Master's Degree in Research at the Dublin Institute of Technology (Mphil Wireless Technology and Applications), a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the Dublin Institute of Technology and a Technical Telecommunications Engineer from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. He is passionate about the development of professional teams. He believes in collaborative intelligence and individual responsibility as indispensable levers to foster engagement, innovation and results. He is an expert in bringing about change through strategic innovation, sales and leadership development programmes. In the last 5 years he has conducted more than 750 hours of executive and team coaching and training in sales skills and team management in a variety of leading companies in different sectors.

  • Dánae Cortés

    Executive with more than 15 years in the telecommunications sector, specialising in strategy, marketing and digital transformation. She has assumed different types of responsibility for different national and international businesses, end consumers and companies, leading multidisciplinary and multicultural work teams. She has participated in corporate mentoring programmes. Executive and team coach since 2014 with experience in accompanying managers and high-performance teams through change processes in highly complex and competitive environments. Lecturer in business schools on leadership skills for postgraduate Master's students. Personal leadership facilitator at the Telefónica Corporate University.

  • María Millán

    María Millán Losa has been an expert in creating and developing corporate and personal brands for sector leaders for 25 years in the physical and digital environment. After more than a decade working as a strategist in Spain, Europe, Latin America and the USA for major global corporate brands from MediaCom (advertising agency of the WPP Group), María positioned herself as an expert consultant in projects in resounding transformation, including the education sector. In addition to her work as a consultant, María teaches at the Rafael del Pino Foundation, the Chambers of Commerce of Madrid and Barcelona, the UPM of Madrid and the Universities of Grupo Planeta; so her understanding and empathy with the needs of teachers is full, and is oriented - with practicality and simplicity - to the search for results in the day-to-day classroom. María holds a degree in International Business and Economics from ICADE (Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid, Spain), and a diploma in communication from CAM London (UK).

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