The CELERA programme was created with the aim of promoting the personal and professional development of people who stand out for their talent in the scientific, technological and/or entrepreneurial fields. This programme, founded by Javier García and the Rafael del Pino Foundation and joined by Banco Sabadell and the Francisco Soria Melguizo Foundation, includes two types of activities, and, which run in parallel throughout its three-year duration and are adapted to the profile of each of the participants.

  • Start of the programme - November 2022

  • Duration Three years

  • Admission - See

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Programme description

What is Celera?

Celera is a programme that identifies exceptionally talented young people in Spain in order to provide them with the necessary tools to enable them to maximise their personal and professional skills and thus make the most of their potential.

From Celera we seek to channel the concerns of the Celerados by providing an environment that generates spaces for support and synergies, as well as access to opportunities and relevant people, turning Celera into a National Network of Young and Excellent Talent.

Why do we do Celera?

Celera was created with the aim of bringing our country's talent to the forefront, with the objective of giving them reasons to stay in Spain and, ultimately, to generate references that will contribute to improving our society in the near future.

How do we do Celera?

Through a three-year programme, developed by a team of experts in personal development and through a network of trainers and collaborators of the highest level. At Celera we believe in the individual and that is why each year we select 10 great talents and develop a highly personalised plan and follow-up, being aware that the different existing profiles have different needs.

Programme structure


The first axis focuses on working on the socio-emotional competencies identified as the skills of the future through a series of group sessions structured over three years.

First year: We focus on generating a sense of belonging and strengthening the intrapersonal intelligence of our participants to improve their emotional stability, self-esteem and time and stress management.

Second year: The main objective is to work on interpersonal skills, especially those related to leadership, communication and teamwork.

Third year: During the last year, help is given in defining life purpose and resilience tools are trained. In addition, strategies are worked on to strengthen and integrate the skills learnt throughout the programme in line with this purpose.


The second axis focuses on promoting the relational capital of the participants with their environment of interest, international personalities and reference entities, through the development of the following blocks:

Mentoring Programme

We have a network of mentors who are carefully assigned to each of the participants, providing them with guidance in different aspects considered key in their evolution.

Great Opportunities

We provide access to great national and international opportunities (programmes, scholarships, stays abroad, participation in top-level national and international events in specific areas of your interest).

Hard Skills Programme

We promote the development of transversal professional skills thanks to a network of partners and trainers who are benchmarks in their sector.

Academic Coordination of the Programme

Almudena Díez

Director of Training Programmes at the Rafael del Pino Foundation.

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