The educational programme "JA Partners for a day" offers young people the opportunity to have a real work experience, allowing students of 4th ESO/Bachillerato/FP (from 15 to 18 years old) to get to know the day-to-day life of a company, sharing a working day with professionals of the sector in which they would like to be trained in the coming years.

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If you wish to participate in the programme "Partners for a day If you need additional information, access the Junior Achievement website by clicking on the following button.

Programme description

Today's society and the labour market are marked by uncertainty and change, making it more necessary than ever for students to be academically and professionally oriented. It is therefore essential to provide students with skills and competences that will enable them to develop life projects. Real-life experiences allow young people to learn first-hand what their dream professions are like and what competences are needed to access them. At the same time, from a pedagogical point of view, learning and mentoring experiences with professional volunteers are an effective academic guidance tool.

Based on the "Learning by Doing" method, the aim of this programme is to guide and prepare students for the labour market and to enrich their training, as they learn first-hand about the professional reality of which they will be a part in the future.

This programme is offered in digital and face-to-face format to suit the needs of the participants, in order to be able to continue to support the students' academic and employment decisions.

Online formatOver a minimum of 2 sessions, the young people will be mentored online by volunteers from their professional area of interest, and will experience working remotely and in a team on a professional challenge.

On-site formatThe students share a working day in the company with professionals from the sector in which they would like to train in the coming years, and accompany them during their daily tasks.

In this edition, the Rafael del Pino Foundation will host a young woman on 26 October during the working day so that she can learn about its mission, its purpose, the activities it carries out and how it works on a day-to-day basis.


  • Encourage and promote academic and vocational guidance from an early age in order to make the right decision about their future profession.
  • Promote the acquisition of competences and skills currently required in the labour market, which generate value in their workplaces.
  • To have a positive role model of effort, dedication and training to take as a reference in their lives.
  • Encourage young people to be more entrepreneurial, and to have more initiative and desire to change the world.

Academic Coordination of the Programme

Almudena Díez

Director of Training Programmes at the Rafael del Pino Foundation.

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