The Rafael del Pino Foundation and the Polytechnic University of Madrid are organising a programme aimed at attracting talent within the University, seeking to strengthen the skills of the best students in leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship in order to achieve excellent professionals with an international dimension that will reinforce the role of Spanish engineering in the world.

Organised by:

  • Start of the course - Coming soon (2023)

  • Duration - 2 years

  • Language - Spanish

  • Admission - See

  • Certificate - Including

If you wish to participate in the programme "International leadership in engineering and architecture or you need additional information about the Master, please contact Almudena Díez (Academic Coordinator of the Master) via email, by clicking on the following button.

Programme description

Today's world demands not only a high level of technical training -as our Spanish engineers have- but also a high level of self-knowledge and relational skills. Especially for those who are going to be future leaders in their field. Young university students with a high academic curriculum lack these resources as they are not contemplated during their time at university. Something that will be absolutely necessary when they enter the world of work and manage teams.

This Master's Degree is made up of different modules to improve the leadership profile of engineering and architecture graduates with which we help students to know themselves better, to increase their self-confidence, to communicate what they are, what they feel and what they expect from others, to manage their emotions, to manage their leadership and to know when to give way to the leadership of others, to have empathy, etc.; in short, to make the best decisions.


BLOCK I. Personal and social skills

  • Module I. Teamwork and Emotional Intelligence
    Ramón Martínez, Luis Dorrego and Pilar Pardo
  • Module II. Leadership skills
    Diego Miranda, Maribel Martínez de Murguía and François Pérez
  • Module III. Organisational behaviour
    Dánae Cortés, Paco León and Javier Remón
  • Module IV. Communication
    Javier Canal and Alfredo Rey
  • Module V. Negotiation, conflict resolution and mediation
    Raúl Calvo and Rafael Marcos

BLOCK II. Managerial and innovative skills

  • Module I. Knowledge management
    José Luis Orts, María Pablos and Mara Zamora
  • Module II. Creativity and innovation
    María Millán and Marcos Urarte
  • Module III. Design thinking
  • Module IV. Prototyping
  • International experience in USA; in particular in the environment of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in order to understand the ecosystem that is established by the impact of technology in the area of knowledge, research, entrepreneurship and companies established in this geographical area. They will be able to meet the major players involved in it and identify their leadership as the key to being in that place.

Academic Coordination of the Programme

Almudena Díez

Director of Training Programmes at the Rafael del Pino Foundation.

Teaching Team

  • Alfredo Rey

    Graduate in Biological Sciences, Executive Coach by the International Coach Federation and Yoga and Meditation Teacher by the Yoga Alliance International. Biological Sciences, Executive Coach by the International Coach Federation and Yoga and Meditation Teacher by Yoga Alliance International. He works as a personal and executive coach, trainer and meditation teacher. He gives workshops and courses based on coaching, emotional intelligence and meditation, as well as experiential training, outdoor and solidarity actions for companies. He collaborates with companies, consultancies, marketing and events agencies and business schools. She lives between two countries, Spain and India. With the learning and experience of East and West he has created the "Laboratory of the Soul", a project based on the realization of solidarity experiences, coaching and training and the inner look of Meditation and has founded "Conocerte", a centre for Personal Growth and Psychology. He is the author of the book Planeta India. Plataforma Editorial and the translation and adaptation of Swami Shashwat's book Vivir cada momento. He collaborates and organises different social projects in Rishikesh, Uttarakand (India) and in different parts of Morocco.

  • Paco León

    He has more than 12 years of experience in leading companies in the telecommunications and information technology sector such as Jazztel, Telefónica and Tecnocom, among others. His experience has been developed mainly in corporate markets and occupying positions of responsibility in technical, marketing and business development areas. He is a specialist in innovation, strategic marketing, project implementation and B2B sales. He is a PCC certified coach by ICF, facilitator and coach at the Lider-haz-GO! Coaching School, professor at the Master in Leadership, Management and Business Transformation of the Sales Innovation School, facilitator of the Master in International Leadership for Engineers and Architects of the FRP-UPM. He is certified as an analyst by PDA International, facilitator by Team Coaching International and trainer in Strategic and Conceptual Selling by Miller Heiman Group. He has a Master's Degree in Research at the Dublin Institute of Technology (Mphil Wireless Technology and Applications), a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the Dublin Institute of Technology and a Technical Telecommunications Engineer from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. He is passionate about the development of professional teams. He believes in collaborative intelligence and individual responsibility as indispensable levers to foster engagement, innovation and results. He is an expert in bringing about change through strategic innovation, sales and leadership development programmes. In the last 5 years he has conducted more than 750 hours of executive and team coaching and training in sales skills and team management in a variety of leading companies in different sectors.

  • Mara Zamora

    Independent professional in the higher education sector, CEO and founder of MSA Spain Friendly (2016), a consultancy specialising in advice, management of study trips to Spain and development of training programmes. Degree in Law, associate professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Valladolid. Responsible for the International Network of Educational Research and Innovation UNIR Research- UNESCO.

  • Javier Remón

    Over 18 years' experience in positions related to various areas of Human Resources in national and international companies: Recruitment, Training, Design and implementation of Competency-based models, Performance Evaluation, Potential Assessment, Job Analysis and Description, Succession Planning, Implementation of HR-related software. He is RH Development Manager at Ferrovial Agromán.

  • María Pablos

    Independent professional in the higher education sector, Partner at MSA Spain Friendly, a consultancy firm specialising in advice, management of study trips to Spain and development of training programmes. Degree in Philosophy and Theology from the University of Navarra, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Navarra.

  • José Luis Orts

    Degree in Psychology (UP Comillas), and Master in Human Resources Management (CESA). Expert in organisational culture, competence management and change processes in organisations. Senior Consultant, experience in Product Manager and Project Management positions. Trainer of Senior Management in organisations. He has held partner-director positions in consulting companies such as GrupoNetwork, Makeateam, ActivaNetwork and SingularNet, currently.

  • Diego Miranda

    Criminologist, behavioural analyst and criminal profiler. G-2/S-2 intelligence coordinator, corporate and institutional security. Internal Auditor of Information Security Management Systems ISO 27001 of the Centro Universitario Bureau Veritas, has advanced competence in network security and cybersecurity, INCIBE and OAS, Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda of Spain. He has a diploma from the OAS and a diploma from the UN Department of Safety and Security, POTI, UNDSS, UNODC and UNDP and holds 12 Certifications in force from different United Nations Agencies. With advanced studies in synergology and university expert in Major Disasters and Emergencies from the Miguel de Cervantes University, he is a member of the EU PJPA. He is Director of the CIE; Director of Training and Innovation and of Human Resources and Professional Career at ESOEN Business School; Director of the Department of People Protection, Emergencies and Security of the CISDE - International Centre for Security and Defence - in collaboration with the UDIMA; Academic Director of the Advanced Course for Security Director I, II, III and IV, approved by the Ministry of the Interior and the General Directorate of the Police, among other training courses. Since 2016 he has been a member of the Advisory Committee of the ECIPS European Centre for Information Policy & Security of the EU. For many years he has been an escort and security coordinator in various teams for the Protection of Authorities.

  • Maribel Martínez de Murguía

    Pedagogue, Master in Psychology and Sport. National Field Hockey Coach. 119 times international and Olympic Champion in Barcelona 1992 with the national hockey team. Assistant coach of the national hockey team at the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000 (4th place). Partner and manager at makeateam, a HR training and development consultancy company. Coach certified by the Institut Gestalt of Barcelona and People Tech Solutions Washington (2008) with more than 500 hours in individual and group coaching in companies. Member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation). Certified in Relationships and Systems Coaching, ORSC by CRR. (2012). Accredited in "Insights Discovery", a personality diagnosis tool.

  • Dánae Cortés

    Executive with more than 15 years in the telecommunications sector, specialising in strategy, marketing and digital transformation. She has assumed different types of responsibility for different national and international businesses, end consumers and companies, leading multidisciplinary and multicultural work teams. She has participated in corporate mentoring programmes. Executive and team coach since 2014 with experience in accompanying managers and high-performance teams through change processes in highly complex and competitive environments. Lecturer in business schools on leadership skills for postgraduate Master's students. Personal leadership facilitator at the Telefónica Corporate University.

  • María Millán

    María Millán Losa has been an expert in creating and developing corporate and personal brands for sector leaders for 25 years in the physical and digital environment. After more than a decade working as a strategist in Spain, Europe, Latin America and the USA for major global corporate brands from MediaCom (advertising agency of the WPP Group), María positioned herself as an expert consultant in projects in resounding transformation, including the education sector. In addition to her work as a consultant, María teaches at the Rafael del Pino Foundation, the Chambers of Commerce of Madrid and Barcelona, the UPM of Madrid and the Universities of Grupo Planeta; so her understanding and empathy with the needs of teachers is full, and is oriented - with practicality and simplicity - to the search for results in the day-to-day classroom. María holds a degree in International Business and Economics from ICADE (Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid, Spain), and a diploma in communication from CAM London (UK).

  • Marcos Urarte

    President of the Pharos Group, a company specialising in strategic consultancy, and DG of Smart Planet, producer of the Spanish television programme Redes.

    Strategic and organisational consultant in more than 50 companies in Spain and Latin America. Industrial Engineer by IPC, Systems Engineer by Fujitsu University Limited in Tokyo, Diploma in Statistics by IES, Diploma in Commercial Management and Master in Marketing by EADA, Diploma in Management Control by ESADE, Master in Strategic Management of Information Technologies by COICCP, he is currently a professor at the main Business Schools, guest lecturer at several Spanish and foreign universities, as well as in the area of Strategy, Competitiveness and Business Models at MIT.

    Entrepreneur of several companies, member of the Club of Rome and the Elcano Institute. He has recently joined the Board of the prestigious institution IFTF (Institute for the Future) and has published in journals such as Dat0s -of Stanford University-, or Excellence.

  • Rafael Marcos

    He has a doctoral thesis in Peace and International Security, a Diploma of Advanced Studies in International Law and International Relations, a Diploma of Advanced International Studies, a degree in Political Science and a degree in Sociology.

    Throughout his professional career he has worked as a United Nations Official as a Development Specialist. In the same context, he has carried out assignments in Panama and other South American countries.

    Councillor of the Valle de Mena Town Council for two legislative periods; Deputy Diplomatic Advisor to the Presidency of the Spanish Senate. He has been representative of the Community of Madrid and the Organisation of Ibero-American States in Central America; Director of Cooperation at the University of Alcalá and Coordinator of the Cervantes Institute in the British Colony of Gibraltar. He has taught at the Spanish Diplomatic School, the CESEDEN and various Spanish universities.

    He has published several books on: Conflict Management, Violence Prevention, Decentralised Cooperation and Public International Law.

  • Javier Canal

    Experienced communicator, trainer and coach. Dedicated to helping individuals, teams and organisations achieve extraordinary results, boosting their communication, leadership and change management skills. President and founder of the non-profit association APOYAR A LOS QUE APOYAN.

    Coaching Professor, Supervisor and Researcher at the FRANCISCO DE VITORIA UNIVERSITY (IDDI). Computer Engineer by UPM and PDD by IESE. PCC (Professional Certified Coach) by ICF. Team Coach by IDDI (UFV).

    Master in Coactive Leadership by CTI. Trainer in NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) and member of the Quality Committee of the ICAN (International NLP Coaching Alliance). Expert in Enneagram, Emotional Intelligence and Ericksonian Hypnosis. Previous management experience of 25 years in multinational companies.

  • Raúl Calvo

    Graduate in Law from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. PhD in Legal and Social Sciences from the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona. Lecturer at the University of Girona in Law, Criminology, Political Science, Public Relations, Social Work and Pedagogy.

    He is a visiting professor at George Ma son University at the Institute for Conflict Analyses and Resolution (ICAR). Expert in mediation. Director of the pilot project for the implementation of the restorative juvenile justice system for the Judicial Department of San Martín.

    Research member of the Spanish CGPJ group for the study of civil and commercial mediation.

    He has participated in the project of the White Paper on Mediation in Catalonia. He has been and is a researcher in different projects of the Ministry of Education and Science, the Generalitat de Catalunya and the European Union. He is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Institute of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution of the UCLM.

    Member of the Academic Committee of the International Journal 'Confluencia' on Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution. He has taught Masters and specialisation courses in Spanish, Italian and South American universities.

    He has worked as a 'Conflict Operator' for public institutions and private companies in Spain, Argentina and Bolivia. Author of several books and articles in national and international journals.

  • François Perez

    Managing Partner of ZINKINTALENT.

    Systemic Facilitator, Dialogic Coach and Executive Coach by the Francisco de Vitoria University. Certified New Code NLP Practitioner, Certified of NLP Classic and Code, Certified in TLC (The Leadership Circle). With more than thirty years of commercial experience in different sectors of activity. The last twenty-four years, dedicated to management training and coaching.

    Pioneer in the introduction of the outdoor training methodology in Spain in 1996 from ADEX Adventure Experience. Entrepreneur, lecturer, facilitator/trainer and regular collaborator of the Rafael del Pino Foundation.

    He has written articles on management behaviour in different media such as Expansión & Empleo, Cinco Días, La Gaceta de los Negocios, El Economista, ABC Nuevo Trabajo and Equipos & Talento.

    Writer and author of books such as: "Houston, I have a problem...I am an entrepreneur in Spain", "The Byzantine Cross", "How to be a writer and not die trying", "What stops me from giving feedback", "And if I get the urge...".

  • Pilar Pardo

    Coach (Executive and Team Coach), Facilitator and International Speaker specialising in Leadership, Communication, Team Management and Creativity (Design Thinking). Her continuous concern about the development of organisations in the 21st century, the development of maximum potential and the integration of personal and working life led her to found Empresas Con Alma with the aim of improving the performance of companies by making the people who work in them their greatest competitive advantage and a key factor in achieving their objectives.

    Pilar has complemented her training in Industrial Engineering from the Centro Politécnico Superior de Zaragoza with studies in Co-Active Coaching from CTI (The Coaches Training Institute; Leadership with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in the USA; training in Relationship and Organisational Systems Coaching from the Center for Right Relationship; Master in Neurolinguistic Programming by the Institut Gestalt in Barcelona; Training in Systemic Consultancy by SCT Systemic; training in Organisational Constellations by the Bert Hellinger Institute in Holland; and she is also a certified facilitator of the Pathways to Leadership programmes (Verus Global - USA). As a coach, she accompanies her clients in the development of strategic competencies such as leadership, communication, creativity or the development of business plans.

  • Ramón Martínez

    Coach, trainer and facilitator in management skills and personal development for twenty-five years. He has developed most of his work with managers throughout Spain and Latin America.

    A graduate in Medicine from the Complutense University of Madrid, he oriented his work towards biological medicine and mind-body medicine. He specialised in emotional counselling at the University of Santa Monica in Los Angeles (USA), where he came into contact with the world of management and reconciled training in competencies with personal development and emotional intelligence. His work on management skills focuses on beliefs, habits, mental models and assumptions. In short, she starts from her personal vision to work on a transformational process. She gives inspiring conferences and her commitment is to give the best of herself so that others can make their desired transformation.

  • Luis Dorrego

    Expert in Communication and Personal Development with Theatre Techniques.

    Stage director with more than twenty-five years of experience, both in Spain and abroad. Playwright and author of several books and publications.

    Practitioner in NLP and trained in Family and Organisational Constellations, Emotional Intelligence, Synergology and facilitator of PSYCH--K. Member of AECOP (Spanish Association of Executive-Organizational Coaching and Mentoring). Expert in Systemic Family and Organisational Constellations. Master in Structural Constellations.

    Founder and Director of Expresión Entrenamiento Integral, a company dedicated to the development of skills in the company through artistic expression.

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