The Rafael del Pino Foundation, in its desire to support the leaders of our institutions in the continuous development of their skills, is organising this new Leadership for Defence programme.

  • Start of the course - 02/10/2023

  • Duration - 4 weeks (40 hours)

  • Language - Spanish

  • Admission - See

  • Certificate - Including

If you wish to participate in the "Defence Leadership Programme If you need additional information, please contact Almudena Díez (Academic Coordinator of the Programme) by email, by clicking on the following button.

Programme description

The dizzying pace we face in our personal and professional lives, conditioned by a multitude of social, economic, technological, environmental and geopolitical shocks that impact on our daily lives, requires us to shape a new leadership.

In this new scenario, the military institution is no stranger to these changes, an organisation based on discipline and obedience that today must respond to a more complex, changing and uncertain global context. It is necessary to reinforce its culture based on initiative and responsibility.

The army, like all other institutions, has to manage its human resources, the people who make it up, with their different personalities, emotions, objectives, interests, diverse expectations, etc., in the best possible way.

The aim of this programme is to provide Spanish Army officers with resources and tools so that they can become agents of change and commit themselves to leading and executing the actions and processes that enable the cultural transformation of their organisations.

From the Rafael del Pino Foundation, we wish to contribute to support the participants in this programme in this process of renewal, to facilitate the understanding of the current state of leadership for defence, and to lay the foundations for projecting the future of its organisational transformation.

Programme structure

Module 1: Organisational transformation.
  • Organisational cultures.
  • Current social, economic and geopolitical system.
  • Keats' negative capacity.
Module 2: Leadership for organisational transformation.
  • CLA (Collective Leadership Assessment) to measure the Army's collective culture.
Module 3: The culture of change.
  • Leadership in constant change.
  • The change is equal to the resistance minus the requirement (C = R - N).
  • I Believe - I Feel - I Act model.
  • Outdoor work from reactive to creative models.

Academic Coordination of the Programme

Almudena Díez

Director of Training Programmes at the Rafael del Pino Foundation.

Teaching Team

  • François Perez

    Managing Partner of ZINKINTALENT.

    Systemic Facilitator, Dialogic Coach and Executive Coach by the Francisco de Vitoria University. Certified New Code NLP Practitioner, Certified of NLP Classic and Code, Certified in TLC (The Leadership Circle). With more than thirty years of commercial experience in different sectors of activity. The last twenty-four years, dedicated to management training and coaching.

    Pioneer in the introduction of the outdoor training methodology in Spain in 1996 from ADEX Adventure Experience. Entrepreneur, lecturer, facilitator/trainer and regular collaborator of the Rafael del Pino Foundation.

    He has written articles on management behaviour in different media such as Expansión & Empleo, Cinco Días, La Gaceta de los Negocios, El Economista, ABC Nuevo Trabajo and Equipos & Talento.

    Writer and author of books such as: "Houston, I have a problem...I am an entrepreneur in Spain", "The Byzantine Cross", "How to be a writer and not die trying", "What stops me from giving feedback", "And if I get the urge...".

  • Pilar Pardo

    Coach (Executive and Team Coach), Facilitator and International Speaker specialising in Leadership, Communication, Team Management and Creativity (Design Thinking). Her continuous concern about the development of organisations in the 21st century, the development of maximum potential and the integration of personal and working life led her to found Empresas Con Alma with the aim of improving the performance of companies by making the people who work in them their greatest competitive advantage and a key factor in achieving their objectives.

    Pilar has complemented her training in Industrial Engineering from the Centro Politécnico Superior de Zaragoza with studies in Co-Active Coaching from CTI (The Coaches Training Institute; Leadership with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in the USA; training in Relationship and Organisational Systems Coaching from the Center for Right Relationship; Master in Neurolinguistic Programming by the Institut Gestalt in Barcelona; Training in Systemic Consultancy by SCT Systemic; training in Organisational Constellations by the Bert Hellinger Institute in Holland; and she is also a certified facilitator of the Pathways to Leadership programmes (Verus Global - USA). As a coach, she accompanies her clients in the development of strategic competencies such as leadership, communication, creativity or the development of business plans.

  • Ramón Martínez

    Coach, trainer and facilitator in management skills and personal development for twenty-five years. He has developed most of his work with managers throughout Spain and Latin America.

    A graduate in Medicine from the Complutense University of Madrid, he oriented his work towards biological medicine and mind-body medicine. He specialised in emotional counselling at the University of Santa Monica in Los Angeles (USA), where he came into contact with the world of management and reconciled training in competencies with personal development and emotional intelligence. His work on management skills focuses on beliefs, habits, mental models and assumptions. In short, she starts from her personal vision to work on a transformational process. She gives inspiring conferences and her commitment is to give the best of herself so that others can make their desired transformation.

Other details

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