Discover the basic steps for the creation of your own company: from the development of the idea and the value proposition, to the definition of a business plan and its implementation.

  • Start of the course - Open

  • Recommended duration 8 weeks

  • Estimated effort - 2 hours/week

  • Language - Spanish

  • Price - Free

This course is entirely online. The different units of the course will remain open 24/7 so that each learner can complete the course at their own pace. The "Start your own business" course is open to any participant profile.

Course description

This course aims to guide you through the basic steps for the creation of your own company: from the development of the idea and the value proposition, to the definition of a business plan, passing through the different key notions to take into account, such as the definition of your customers, competition, strategy or management.

Throughout the course we will illustrate each stage with the experience of Iñaki Berenguer (Pixable case) and Antonio León (Etiqmedia).

Iñaki Berenguer was a fellow of the Rafael del Pino Foundation, has a PhD in Engineering from Cambridge University and an MBA from MIT. He has notable experience as an entrepreneur with multiple success stories, such as the aforementioned Pixable, Klink, and his current project Coverwallet.

Antonio León holds a degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Zaragoza and an inter-university Master's degree in Information Technology and Network Communications. Founding partner and CEO of Etiqmedia, a leading company in the development of tools to optimise the management and exploitation of audiovisual content.

And we will learn about the evolution of two recently created companies (Tucuvi Care and Vidoqui) through their founders María González and Juan Manuel Bello.

María González is a Biomedical Engineer from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. She specialises in innovative digital health solutions for the elderly and the design of conversational interfaces. She leads the start-up Tucuvi Care, whose mission is to eliminate gaps in care for the elderly and chronic patients through artificial intelligence and voice technology. She is a mentor for programmes such as Technovation, which promotes entrepreneurship and STEAM skills in young people. She was selected as one of the 100 leaders of the future at the GapSummit 2020 in Cambridge to discuss the future of the bioeconomy.

Juan Manuel Bello is an entrepreneur with a vocation to create impactful solutions. A civil engineer, born in Venezuela but living in Madrid, his main interests are technology, real estate and behavioural economics. He has worked in Real Estate Investment and in 2018 he founded Vidoqui, a rent-to-own platform that facilitates the acquisition of home ownership. This platform simplifies and facilitates the process, giving people who wish to buy a home a flexible and debt-free alternative. Juan Manuel is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Círculo Inmobiliario de Madrid.

Course structure

i. Who is Jimena?
ii. Objectives and introduction
iii. How to start your own business
iv. Scheme
v. Experience - Presentation and business idea
vi. Business idea
vii. Reflection exercises
viii. Business Plan 01

i. Objectives and introduction
ii. Develop the product.
iii. Scheme
iv. Experience - Evolution of the idea
v. Business Plan 02

i. Objectives and introduction
ii. How to know and locate our customers
iii. Scheme
iv. Experience - Define the type of customer
v. Business Plan 03

i. Objectives and introduction
ii. Know the market
iii. Scheme
iv. Experience - Competence
v. Business Plan 04

i. Objectives and introduction
ii. Pricing and segmentation
iii. Scheme
iv. Experience - Defining the price
v. Business Plan 05

i. Objectives and introduction
ii. Sales channels and positioning
iii. Scheme
iv. Experience - Marketing and Sales
v. Business Plan 06

i. Objectives and introduction
ii. Management and financing
iii. Scheme
iv. Experience - Financing and staffing
v. Business Plan 07

i. Objectives and introduction
ii. Elements that make up the Business Plan
iii. Final outline
iv. Experience - Difficulties and review of the model
v. Business Plan 08

Academic direction of the course

  • Oihana Basilio

    Oihana Basilio is a Rafael del Pino-MIT Fellow on Deep-Tech Entrepreneurship. She has been Director of Research and Network Programmes at the Rafael del Pino Foundation. She holds a PhD in Economics from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Master in Economics and Innovation Management, Master in Society, Science and Technology by the European Interuniversity Association and Bachelor in Economics by the University of the Basque Country.

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