The High Ability Campus is a pioneering initiative of the Rafael del Pino Foundation whose main objective is to develop to the maximum the potential of young people aged between 10 and 18 accredited as "high ability". Depending on their age, the young people follow two different training programmes;

– Between 10 and 13 years with workshops and high-level robotics and technology with methodologies only found in MIT and Tufts University environments;

– Between 14 and 18 years with professors from Business Schools to work on an entrepreneurship project.

The programme consists of workshops that take place throughout the academic year in an urban campus organised at the Foundation's headquarters with the aim of reinforcing skills such as self-knowledge and communication.

  • Start of the course - 16/07/2023

  • Completion of the course 28/07/2023

  • Recommended duration 2 weeks

  • Estimated effort - Full time

  • Language - Spanish

  • Admission - See

  • Certificate - Including

If you wish to participate in the "High Capacity Campus If you need additional information, please contact Almudena Díez (Academic Coordinator of the Programme) by email, by clicking on the following button.

Characteristics and description of the Campus

One of the aims of the Rafael del Pino Foundation is to contribute to the training of Spanish leaders, both present and future, and to promote entrepreneurial activity.

The Foundation is relaunching the initiative it developed in previous years, in which people with high abilities and similar concerns were able to learn, share and enjoy together.

In this edition we will again have a maximum of 70 places, with similar contents, although with the adaptation of knowledge and learning of each student so that students who have already enjoyed the campus can attend as well as new candidates.

We will have training workshops, skills and competences workshops, leisure programme and sports activities. All this in an exceptional environment.

Who can participate?

Participants will be young people identified and accredited as "high ability", aged between 10 and 18 years (calendar year).

The training and leisure programme will include workshops on personal and social skills aimed at improving competences such as: creativity and innovation, teamwork, leadership, initiative, self-confidence and entrepreneurship.

Where and when?

The Campus will be held at the GSD Buitrago, the centre located at the entrance of Buitrago de Lozoya, between Sunday 16 and Friday 28 July.

Parents must accompany their children on Sunday 16th at 11:00 h. to the headquarters of the Rafael del Pino Foundation, located at Calle Rafael Calvo, 39 -corner with Pº de la Castellana, 37- in Madrid and pick them up on Friday 28th at 16:30 h. Families will be called to the same place to attend the closing session of the Campus (from 16:30 to 18:30) and pick up the participants.

The Campus, in addition to those responsible for academic and skills/abilities training, will have a monitor for every 10 students, who will accompany them in leisure and sports activities.

The programme includes breakfast, mid-morning fruit, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. It is important that parents inform the organisers if their son or daughter has any food allergies or intolerances as well as any medications or special care (declaration of illnesses or pathologies).

For your peace of mind, Buitrago has a permanent medical and nursing service.


To pre-register you must fill in the following form the application before 2 May 2023, through this platform by means of this form

It is important to note the concerns of the pupil, parents and the assessment of a teacher or tutor at their school.

In addition, the assessment report certifying high ability and the latest available report card must be enclosed.

Our aim is to get to know the candidate as well as possible. For this reason we will also have a personal interview.

The Rafael del Pino Foundation is making an enormous effort to offer a campus of these characteristics and, in the same way, a certain co-responsibility is asked of the families, so that, between all of them, they will have to cover the expenses related to carrying out the campus in Buitrago.

The Selection Committee will meet to evaluate the applications and establish the amounts allocated to each family.


Parents are requested to refrain from attending the camp. Attendance breaks the rhythm of the day's activities, as well as being an inconvenience for all those young people who do not receive visitors.

After the Campus

Students will be invited to various workshops throughout the academic year in order to maintain contact, share activities and incorporate new knowledge and skills. They will be able to write stories in order to build a new book of The adventure of words: stories by young writers, sharing concerns with young scientists or entrepreneurs, taking part in improvisation workshops, playing maths games with Divermatesexperimenting with cardiac coherence tools and other dynamics...


From 10 to 13 years old.

To solve this challenge, participants will observe how cities and buildings grow, evolve and change. In teams, they will create innovative solutions to build an environment in which to live and work, sustainable over time, using tools that will enable them to work on their project, such as robotics, technology, tinkering, AI and blogging. The challenge seeks to bring about change, raise awareness and actively propose solutions. To solve it, they will have to come up with different alternatives and find a solution, build it and present it to others.

From 14 to 18 years old.

In this workshop, participants will work in teams to develop a business plan to develop a product or service that will respond to a problem identified around the chosen theme, using entrepreneurial techniques. In this way, they will acquire new knowledge while developing 21st century skills and competencies.

Academic Coordination of the Programme

Almudena Díez

Director of Training Programmes at the Rafael del Pino Foundation.

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