Featured programmes and seminars

  • High Capacity Campus

    Rafael del Pino Foundation

    Start date: 07/07/2024

    The main objective of this initiative is to develop the potential of young people between the ages of 10 and 18 who have been accredited as "high ability".

  • Workshop From Science to Society

    University of Cambridge (UK)

    Start date: 22/09/2024

    The Rafael del Pino Foundation together with the Club de Científicos (Rafael del Pino Excellence Fellows) organise the FS2S: Translating today's research into tomorrow's solutions.

  • A History of the World programme. Jeremy Adelman

    University of Cambridge (UK)

    Start date: 20/09/2024

    This course, aimed at young people aged between 17 and 25, invites them to learn about and delve into world history in order to understand how we are connected in the globalised world in which we live.

  • Artificial Intelligence Ethics Programme. Carissa Véliz

    Rafael del Pino Campus

    Start date: 28/10/2024

    This course will help us understand the "digital reality" we live in. A practical and constructive approach, offering possible solutions to the ethical challenges generated by AI.

Dissemination of knowledge

The Rafael del Pino Campus

The Rafael del Pino Foundation offers today's and tomorrow's leaders and entrepreneurs the tools with which to successfully develop their skills in an increasingly globalised world immersed in a process of exponential and disruptive technological change. Training aimed at all levels of education and different fields of knowledge: economics and business, law and justice, the media, politics and public management, international relations, research and teaching.

The main objectives of the Rafael del Pino Campus are: to encourage the promotion of free individual initiative and the principles of free market and free enterprise, as well as the individual, group and systemic transformation of the leaders of the present and the future.

Teaching staff

Our programmes and seminars are led by internationally renowned professors and experts, accredited in academic institutions on both sides of the Atlantic, mainly in Spain, the United States and Great Britain, including Wharton School, MIT, Harvard University, Princeton University, Oxford University, Cambridge University, Dartmouth College, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, IE University, etc.

Consolidating Young Talent from four referents

The Rafael del Pino Foundation focuses its programmes and seminars on all levels of education.
to consolidate the talent of the new generations.


Sharing knowledge and skills with peers to improve the progress of organisations

Effective leadership

Managing the talents of team members for success

Continuous training

To increase, optimise and update professional knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Team management

Promote maximum team performance without neglecting the human factor.


Alumni of the Rafael del Pino Foundation

  • Patricia Ramos

    High Capacity Campus
    (Promotions 2017, 2018)

    "Participating in the High Capability Campus is worth experiencing for two reasons. The first is its intrinsic value: how much you learn about business fundamentals and robotics. Secondly, the friendships that are forged. It all transcends far beyond spending twelve days at a summer camp: the community that is created when you are part of the FRP family gives rise to incredible opportunities that shape much of the person I am today".

  • Lucas Francés

    Master in International Leadership
    in engineering and architecture (Ed. 2020)

    "You will discover what it really means to be a leader and how to become one, enhancing your strengths and detecting your areas for improvement. All this together with a group of young people with great diversity and unique talents, with whom you will grow and learn something different every day, in person. This experience can transform you, and it only depends on you. You learn to know yourself better, to communicate effectively and to manage teams, conflicts and negotiations".

  • Ana Lorenzo

    Global Civil Society Seminar
    (2017 Edition)

    "When the Rafael del Pino Foundation brings together highly qualified professionals at Harvard who are solidly committed to society and the environment in a programme like the GCSS, which creates shared value in business, the public sector and society, it is involving its students in its Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) to create a better future and to join us in being catalysts for change".

  • Samuel Ruipérez-Campillo

    Excellence Fellow
    Swiss Federal Institute in Zurich (ETH)

    "The progress I am experiencing in terms of academics and knowledge is exponential. I have been able to work in some of the most cutting-edge laboratories at international level and receive classes from great minds that have turned the scientific landscape around in various fields. All this training and such a wide range of perspectives is a great asset that at some point I will pass on in the same way when I return to Spain".

  • Paula Cano

    High Capacity Campus
    (Promotions 2015, 2106, 2017, 2018)

    "What really makes this Campus special is each and every one of the people who are part of it. Colleagues who become friends, teachers who become mentors, and monitors and Teacher Assistants who welcome you like a family. And all of this makes you feel like you belong to something huge, a feeling I would wish on everyone. It also helped me to find my vocation: startups and digital marketing".

  • Marcos Fernández

    High Capacity Campus
    (Promotions 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018)

    "The Campus creates a group where everyone is welcome to be who they really are, without filters or facades, because variety is what makes this group stronger. It's like living in a staged brainstorming session in real life. This is a wonderful place where everyone collaborates, and where personal evolution is tremendous because the group pressure is for pushing your limits, respect and inclusion".